Daily Announcements


  • Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Montreal Massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique.  We wear a white ribbon to remember that day and to stand up against Violence Against Women.  We ask that you observe a moment of silence as we name the 14 women who were killed that day:

    Geneviève Bergeron,  étudiante en génie civil. 

    Hélène Colgan, étudiante en génie mécanique.

    Nathalie Croteau, étudiante en génie mécanique.

    Barbara Daigneault, étudiante en génie mécanique.

    Anne-Marie Edward, étudiante en génie chimique.

    Maud Haviernick, étudiante en génie des matériaux.

    Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz,, étudiante infirmière.

    Maryse Laganière, employée au département des finances.

    Maryse Leclair, étudiante en génie des matériaux.

    Anne-Marie Lemay, étudiante en génie mécanique.

    Sonia Pelletier, étudiante en génie mécanique.

    Michèle Richard, étudiante en génie des matériaux.

    Annie St-Arneault, étudiante en génie mécanique.

    Annie Turcott, étudiante en génie des matériaux. 


  • On the last day of school before the holidays, December 17th, Acadie will be hosting a Réveillon.  While in the past we have had a potluck lunch, looking at the traditions of New France and modern times, unfortunately we are unable to do that this year.  Instead, Acadie will be giving students the opportunity to purchase a personal pizza and a milkshake!  In order to place your order and pay, parents must register for an online software called School Day.